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Naturist Walking

Yes, it is possible to enjoy walking in the countryside of Southern England in the nude, and SOC has established a number of walks on which sunshine and gentle exercise may be enjoyed without the encumbrance of clothes

The walks are held on working days to minimise the chance of meeting others, and all the routes have been carefully researched. Most start and end at a pub as a refreshing drink before starting and a sociable meal to end a day in the fresh air is included. Cars can often (but not always) be left in the pub car park. Most of the walks are 10 to 12 miles in length, and the pace not too demanding. Stops for sunbathing over lunch and a snack at tea time are normal if the weather permits, and you will need a rucksack to carry food and particularly something to drink. A pair of shorts which can be slipped on quickly is essential, as we may meet other walkers and the route might pass within sight of a house.

Walking nude in the countryside with friends is such a pleasant, happy and innocent way to spend a summer's day that it deserves to be more widely practiced and accepted as a reasonable thing to do. Non-members are welcome to try out a walk, but must satisfy the Walks Organiser of their naturist experience first. Email SOC Naturist Walks Organiser The Singles' Outdoor Club Naturist Walks Programme has been going since 1993, and has seen many happy naturist walkers return year after year. The programme offers the ability to be able to walk naked in the countryside and see nature as nature intended. These events have been well supported, attracting record numbers in 2011. Once again our Walks Organiser has given us a full programme of 17 walks for the coming season. You may like to visit our Walking Website which is kept up to date with the latest information and also has pictures of some of our walks.
It may be a surprise to those who have not walked with us before that it is often possible to enjoy walking in the remoter parts of the English countryside without clothes. The fact is that most people don't wander further than 200 yards from a car park. After the first mile we seldom meet anybody on our walks, and, weather permitting, have been able to enjoy naturist walks ranging from 9 to 13 miles. The object of these walks is to enjoy the exhilaration of walking without the encumbrance of clothing. We are not trying to make any political point, or to challenge other members of the public. It is our policy to carry "cover-up" garments which we put on when we see other walkers approaching us or if we realise that we are about to pass farmers working in their fields etc. Occasionally we do meet someone without warning, and have just exchanged a cheerful greeting.

About these walks:

The walks are chosen to pass through pleasant countryside in reasonably unpopulated areas, and most are between 10 and 12 miles in length.
We hope to be able to walk for the greater part of the way in the nude, but cannot guarantee that the weather will be warm enough for this! Nor can we be certain that the area will be sufficiently free of other walkers to do so all the time. It is not our intention to cause anyone any offence or to challenge the law in any way on these walks, so please bring something that you can do a quick cover-up with!
Also please come well equipped with strong walking boots or shoes, a rucksack, a picnic lunch and suitable rain wear and warm clothing. We usually conclude our day with supper together in a pub.

How to join a walk

To obtain the full Walks Programme giving the exact time and location of our meeting place please e-mail SOC Naturist Walks Organiser. Full details will be made available to bona fide naturists. In your enquiry please give some details about yourself because, as you will appreciate, we would not want to give full details to non-naturists.
Full information about these walks can also be found in the SOC Newsletter. If you enjoy walking or taking part in other naturist activities, whether as an individual or a couple, we invite you to consider joining the Singles Outdoor Club.

2015 Walks Programme



Nearest Town


Tuesday 28 April

Charlton Forest



Thursday 7 May

Leith Hill



Thursday 21 May




Tuesday 2 June

Bury Down



Wednesday 10 June




Wednesday 17 June

Turville Valley

High Wycombe


Thursday 25 June

Deans Bottom



Tuesday 7 July

Wepham Down



Thursday 16 July

Harting Down



Saturday 25 July

Hoo Peninsula



Tuesday 4 August




Wednesday 12 August

Friston Forest



Thursday 20 August

Red Shoot



Wednesday 26 August

Ackling Dyke



Thursday 3 September

Sugar Hill



Thursday 10 September

Box Hill Maze



Wednesday 16 September

Chiltern Scarp

High Wycombe


Thursday 1 October

Mereworth Forest




Visit our SOC Walking Website for more information and also pictures of some of our walks.

To obtain the times and meeting places for our walks, please e-mail SOC Naturist Walks Organiser
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