If you have not been to a naturist club before, don't worry. Naturists are the most friendly folk around. They will not take the least notice of your shape, colour, physical attributes or whatever. Just look around; everyone else is at ease. You will only attract attention if you are not at ease yourself. The wonderful thing about naturism is that it is friendly and INNOCENT, and this is the way you must approach it. Follow this rule, and you will find enormous pleasure and make many friends. Break it, and you will not be welcome for long.

Most clubs will expect you to not wear clothes if the weather is reasonable - that is why the club is there after all - but no one will hassle you if you are really too shy to take everything off from the start. You will be amazed how soon it feels completely natural. There is something about naturism which is far more fundamental than the initial excitement of doing something daring and of seeing others without their clothes. There really is a bond of friendship between all those who are prepared to enjoy social nudity.
The basic rules are very simple - be polite and considerate; don't embarrass others by staring or making sexual advances; don't take photos without permission and don't put your bare bottom on their chairs - (everyone will carry a towel or something to put on the seat first).