The Singles' Outdoors Club is a non-landed, UK-wide, naturist club. We promote the naturist lifestyle, naturist camping and naturist walking. Our primary aim is to enable single naturists to enjoy naturism within the naturist movement in the UK. Although our membership is made up predominately of single males, and some single females, we also accept couples as members.

SOC visit naturist clubs around the country most weekends in Summer.Most members camp but day visitors and caravans are usually welcome.We have full use of the host clubs' facilities, ( including clubhouse, swimming pool, sauna, bar, etc.). Some clubs will put on extra events, and food.

Potential female members may be concerned that the majority of current members are male. If you are a lady with doubts or are nervous of your first visit, you can discuss this with our 'Ladies Point of Contact' on 07725852578 or email jules@soc-uk.info.

We also arrange naturist walks in suitable areas and a swim in Mansfield.

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