SOC visit around 30 different naturist clubs around the UK each year, sometimes more than once. This is possible due to the naturist clubs up and down the country who are willing to extend an invitation to us as a naturist group. These visits are normally one or two nights over the weekend, although some are day visits and others are for a longer period. When camping, we have full use of the host club's facilities. These facilities vary from club to club: some have no mains services and are very basic, others have a swimming pool, sauna, good sports facilities, shop and licenced bar. Sometimes clubs will put on extra events or arrange food. Most SOC members stay overnight in their tents but we have members with caravans and mobile homes. Some find local B&Bs to stay at and some site have rooms or caravans for hire.

Details of the visits are published in the club newsletter and bookings are made with the area organiser. Only members of SOC are eligible for entry this way - non members need to make arrangements directly with the host club.